The goals of Evolution's medical treatments are to improve your pain, quality of life and function.  In conjunction with our medical treatments, we aim to empower our patients to make positive lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being to manage their pain better.

Evolution pain management clinic's pain physician, Dr Michael Bassett,  is an experienced clinician.  Dr Bassett is an expert in managing a wide range of chronic pain conditions. 

At your initial consultation, Dr Bassett's will carefully evaluate the possible causes of your pain.  He will also assess other exacerbating and perpetuating factors of your pain, including your mental health, physical fitness, sleep and nutrition status. Dr Bassett will then develop an individualised treatment plan which may include further investigations, diagnostic procedures, medication trials and therapeutic procedures.  Dr Bassett may also recommend the involvement of Evolution's pain psychologist, pain coach or nutritionist in your care.

Dr Bassett will oversee the management of your treatment plan.  Evolution's Practice Nurse will monitor your response to treatments and implement any changes directed by Dr Bassett required between consultations.