Evolution Pain Management Clinic uses a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. We appreciate that pain impacts every area of life, and as such, our team is skilled in assisting you to re-engage in life in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

Our team is here to support you in your recovery. However, we need your help to get the best results possible. To get these results, we require you to be actively engaged in your recovery in the following ways:

  • Commitment to attend appointments with all healthcare providers;

  • Completion of ‘homework’ tasks assigned by your healthcare provider, e.g. clinic questionnaires, 45/5 workbook, goal setting;

  • Willingness to actively participate in creating the life you envision for yourself.

If you fail to meet these requirements, your treatment may be delayed until all requirements are met. Ultimately, your recovery is in your hands - if you are unable to be actively engaged in your recovery, we may not be the right clinic for you.  

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