Aerobic Class in Pool


At Evolution Pain Management Clinic, we believe reconditioning plays a vital role in the recovery from pain. Due to the positive impact of physical fitness on an individual's pain and wellness. 

Individuals living with chronic pain often report deterioration in their physical fitness and quality of life over time. This deterioration can occur as chronic pain can impair an individual's ability to participate in physical activity resulting in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and negatively impacting sleep, relaxation, social connection, mental health, hobbies, work and nutrition. These lifestyle changes, in turn, can negatively impact an individuals pain and wellness.

The therapies employed in our clinic (medications, infusions, theatre procedures, psychological and dietary support) focus on opening windows of opportunity for individuals living with chronic pain to adopt healthier behaviours to improve their health, quality of life and pain.

However, it is crucial to appreciate that recovering from chronic pain is an active process in which you are the only one with the power to make changes to your lifestyle. Much like people wanting to get fit, one trip to the gym does not bring long-lasting results - it takes a dedicated approach to adopt new habits and behaviours to make real progress.

At Evolution Pain Management Clinic, we appreciate that the journey to gain control of your pain is challenging, so we have developed specialised reconditioning programs to support our clients through these challenges. Our reconditioning programs focus on improving physical capacity and functionality through the development of strength, stamina and lean muscle mass and using a personalised graded and paced approach. Our programs also aim at fostering better social connection, utilise mindfulness.

Our clinicians will be with you every step of your reconditioning journey to supporting you with

  • Education sessions

  • Personalised goal identification

  • Personalised barrier identification  

  • Personalised reconditioning plans

  • Group fitness classes

  • Review appointments - to review your progress and adjust goals and exercise plans