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At Evolution Pain Management Clinic, we believe nutrition to be a crucial aspect of pain management. Research has shown that the relationship between diet and pain is bidirectional, meaning that pain can impact nutrition status, and nutrition can influence pain. Pain can affect an individual's ability to prepare and consume a balanced diet, leading to an increased intake of energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods. These dietary changes lead to nutritional deficiencies and excessive energy consumption. These changes negatively impact an individuals health, including weight management, blood glucose levels, cardiovascular and bowel health. Obesity itself is an inflammatory condition, with adipocytes (fat cells) secreting compounds that promote inflammation in the body.   

At Evolution Pain Management Clinic, we evaluate your nutritional state, including your gastrointestinal health, to identify aspects of your diet that may be having a detrimental effect on your pain. Our Nutritionist provides education and support to improve:

  • Inflammatory profile of your dietary intake

  • Nutritional balance

  • Management of medication side effects (constipation, weight gain)

  • Independence in preparing nourishing meals.

  • Development of a weight management plan to reduce weight in a sustainable and non-invasive manner.