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Evolution pain management clinic utilises an experienced chronic pain nurse to help manage your pain and support your journey to improved function and quality of life. 

Our Practice nurse plays a key role in our clinic through coordination and facilitation of Dr Bassett's treatment plans which includes appointments for:​

  • Further education and explanation of recommended diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including: 

    • Diagnostic blocks

    • Radiofrequency neurotomy (thermal and pulsed)

    • Neuromodulation

      • Spinal cord stimulation

      • Dorsal root ganglion stimulation

      • Peripheral nerve stimulation

    • Inpatient infusions - ketamine and lignocaine

  • Post-procedure reviews of

    • Wounds​

    • Effectiveness of procedures

  • Management of medication trials

    • Anti-neuropathic medication

    • Opioids

    • Medical cannabis

  • Programming of neuromodulation devices

Our Practice nurse also plays a pivotal role in triaging patients who contact the clinic with concerns regarding their pain and treatment plans. An assessment is made of the issue and a further management plan is then made in consultation with Dr Bassett and implemented.

In addition to working closely with patients and Dr Bassett, our practice nurse is also in close communication with General Practitioners, Specialists and Pharmacists to ensure the best care for our patients.