We understand that everyday activities are often a struggle for individuals living with chronic pain. The prospect of engaging in a regular exercise program may seem almost impossible.  Here at Evolution Pain Management Clinic, we have developed a specialised reconditioning program, called 45/5 Restore, designed with the needs of individuals with chronic pain in mind.  The 45/5 Restore program's goals are to build stamina and strength to improve function, pain, and the ability to participate in everyday activities. 

The fundamental elements of our 45/5 restore reconditioning program are: 

  • education regarding pain and exercise;

  • personal goal identification;

  • identification of barriers that impede the achievement of an individual's goals;

  • finding solutions to barriers

  • commitment to regular exercise

  • use of personalised functional, varied and enjoyable exercises

  • graded and paced exercise programs

  • support from our expert staff.

The 45/5 Restore program commences with an initial appointment one on one with our Pain Coach.  This appointment will allow you to discuss your goals and develop a personalised, graded and enjoyable reconditioning program.   Follow-up appointments with our Pain Coach provide ongoing support in your journey by tracking your progress and adjusting your reconditioning plan to your changing needs.

Evolution runs a suite of specialised graded group fitness classes, including walking, gym and hydrotherapy groups. We have designed these classes to facilitate your recovery.  So we recommend that you enrol in the group class program.